El Faixero

foto el faixero evolucion

The faixero evolución

We have new facilities for those who look for a comfortable accommodation on the mountains with additional services.
The hotel, inaugurated in 2011, combines tradition, experience and innovation. The stone, combined with new materials, makes of this hotel an elegant, comfortable and quiet place with twelve unique spacious bedrooms, among which you can find a double bedroom or either a suite with Jacuzzi.

el faixero tradicion

The faixero tradición

Our family lodgment, built following the tradition of Cinctorres, is located next to the new building called The Faixero Evolution.
After the meticulous restoration work done in the old historic building, we have turned it into a family hotel on the mountains specially designed for your comfort. The hotel has only twelve bedrooms, a garden terrace and rooms reserved for customers. It also has a restaurant and a cafeteria.

el faixero resatauracion

Faixero restauración

Tradition and modernity mix together due to its elaborated dishes and its comfortable kitchen area.
30 years of tradition in cooking together with the innovative spirit, allow us to offer a rich menu where you can find traditional flavors and dishes and also new culinary recipes. We should also mention our spacious cellar.