El Faixero

Multi-purpose rooms for conferences, meetings or family use


Pla Cervera Room

This multi-purpose room has air conditioning and can also be used as a reading room, game room, TV lounge, cocktail or meeting room

It has an audio and video system, armchairs and tables, TV and bar. It can form a unique space with the Brown Rock Hall and the Reception Hall.


Brown Rock Room

Multi-purpose room with air-conditioned for projections, presentations, training, business meetings, and other needs

Equipped with a large 2 x 3.5 m screen, audio system, seats and tables. It can form a larger living room along with the Pla Cervera Room.


Reception Hall

It is a zone in between the two other halls, which can form a whole and create a bigger space.

It is the reception and the waiting room before the meetings and it can also be added to Pla Cervera Room and Brown Rock Hall, to form a single large space to be used in conferences, cocktails, etc.


Private rooms

Located on each floor, they offer an ideal space for reading or playing games, enjoying the heat of the fireplace.

Room with fireplace, armchairs and tables.


Glass Living Room

Glass space built in the garden, very comfortable and ideal for reading, playing games, relaxing, for small meetings or to watch TV.

Equipped with fireplace, armchairs, tables, TV 46 ", games...


Outdoor terrace

Terrace / Garden where you can enjoy the good weather or dinner outdoor, surrounded by trees and flowers.




The perfect place to have a drink, eat snacks or dinner. Equipped with TV 36”


Traditional Lounge

It is a quiet and cozy space with a traditional fireplace to relax and enjoy good company.

Equipped with fireplace, armchairs, table, TV, games...